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The creators of Clip 'N Climb are John Targett and Tim Wethey, an Irishman and a Kiwi who first met on a local community project in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2004 little knowing that they would go on to develop a brand new category of action entertainment that would revolutionise indoor climbing.


The combination of John's background in the amusement industry and Tim's in the business of designing and building climbing walls was the catalyst for a collaboration that has turned the niche sporting activity of indoor climbing into an exciting and attractive mainstream recreational activity.


In March 2005 they established Sheer Adventure to turn their ideas into commercial reality.


In September 2006 they opened the world's first Clip 'N Climb at The Roxx Climbing Centre which they built and still operate in Christchurch, New Zealand it was an instant success !


A year later they opened in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. It confirmed that Clip 'N Climb could operate just as profitably as a stand-alone business that delivered WOW experiences and 'healthy challenging fun' for everyone.


Extensive research and development has since resulted in a kit-set modular system for economically and efficiently prefabricating and installing the individual climbing elements that together make up the Clip 'N Climb adventure arenas. In 2010, with four facilities thriving in New Zealand they made their first sale overseas in Canada.

The Clip 'N Climb business model is made possible thanks to Auto Belays which help to reduce risk management issues associated with having to teach people how to belay safely. Initially Clip 'N Climb was equipped with Redpoint Descenders reliable but with high operational costs.


In 2007 the company entered into a Joint Venture with Christchurch-based design engineers, Holmes Consulting to develop an Auto Belay specifically for the climbing industry. The outcome is TruBlue, a new generation Auto Belay that employs magnetic eddy current braking technology and is designed for long service and low operating costs.


In 2010 with TruBlue ready to go to market, Sheer Adventure sold their interest in the product to focus on the expansion of Clip 'N Climb overseas. They retain OE distribution rights for TruBlue in Clip 'N Climb facilities worldwide.


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The company is currently working with prospective Clip 'N Climb clients in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Asia, and has joined forces with Entre-Prises Climbing Walls and the Top30 Group to roll out Clip 'N Climb in the USA and Europe.

It is an exciting time for John and Tim, and the team at Sheer Adventure !

John Targett & Tim Wethey
Sheer Adventure Ltd

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