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'Phew ... that was formidable, but in the same way ... brilliant too ! Clip 'N Climb is absolutely breathtaking.'
Sophie Anderson, Student, Elmwood Normal School

'The uncertainty in some that changed to delight as they began to conquer their fears and enjoy the activities. There was something for everyone. Within the group there were students from both extremes of physical capability, and everything in between. All found something to challenge themselves with, and then experience the joys of success. The hour allocated seemed spot on.'
Russell Williams, Deputy Principal, Linwood Intermediate School

'The children had an amazing experience and are still talking about it.'
Dendra Smith, Teacher, Halswell School

'Clip 'N Climb is the bomb. We had so much fun.'
Tona, Student, St Bernadette's School

'Totally amazing. The class were all challenged and had fun.'
Mrs Cornelius, Teacher

'The instructors were very kind and helpful, and they had a great sense of humour and made us laugh.'
Nadia Rees, Student, Hillview Christian School

'Every child without exception was fully engaged in an activity. They were learning at their own pace and taking on 'risks' and challenges when they felt ready ... by far and away the best way to learn !' 
Gary Pinker, Teacher, Parkview School

'The most amazing, hair raising time.' Great and challenging.'
Tessa Sefton, Student, West Melton School

'Your Clip 'N Climb circuit provided an exhilarating experience for our 30 students. The fact that the students could choose which walls to climb, and in random order, made many feel less apprehensive and in control of their decisions. I was most impressed with the professionalism of the staff, in particular Dave who quickly developed a positive rapport with the group.'
Rana Richards, Teacher, South New Brighton School

'The automatic belays were really cool because you could jump off the wall and just float down.'
Michael Beattie, Student, Fernside School

'Our trip to Clip 'n Climb was undoubtedly one of the highlights of our year. Thank you for a wonderful experience where all children can work on their self-esteem and set themselves personal goals and achieve them.'
Paul Norton, Teacher, Fendalton School

'Clip 'N Climb was a great experience. After I completed the Leap of Faith I felt overwhelmed, and that I could accomplish anything in the world. Now that is a wonderful sensation.'
Chloe Batchelor, Student, Rangiora Borough School

'When I went in I had a shiver down my spine. Lorin and Dave were cool guys. I can't wait to go again.'
Zoe, Room 3 student, Dunsandel School

'Everybody was all over the place like spider monkeys, crawling everywhere, going up and down the walls. Kids crying out with laughter, cheering each other on and clapping for each other when they made it to the top.'
Kate Suter, Student, Mt Pleasant School

'My favourite climb was the logs that when you climb to the top you get to hold the rope. It was so huge.'
Gul Agha Ahmadi, Student, Mairehau Primary School

'The looks on their faces; awe, excitement, anticipation, fear and pride. It was a joy to stand and watch the incredible achievements of this class of Y8 students. I was so proud of these kids. I growled at no one and that is a testimony to you and your staff.'
Anita Willis, Teacher, Manning Intermediate School


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